No Yarn Left Behind

A constant conundrum faced by many knitters is what to do left over yarn after finishing a project.  Now that I have a little one, I know exactly what to do!

I recently finished, in March, knitting a cowl for Dan. It was suppose to be his Christmas gift. Just a few months late.  I purchased the yarn from The Neighborhood Fiber Company last October at Vogue Knitting Live show in Chicago.

The Neighborhood Fiber Company can be found in Baltimore.  I was drawn to the vibrant colors of their hand dye yarns made with 100% superwash merino. Superwash wool is yarn that has been treated in such away to prevent it from felting, i.e, it is OK to throw it in the washing machine. An extra bonus to superwash merino is that it easily absorbs color, making it a dream yarn for dying, hence the rich color selection this company has to offer.

The cowl kit I purchased had an interesting variegated gray yarn, fuchsia and red. The cowl is inspired by the Yipes Stripe pattern.  Sadly, I am always knitting on the run, and found the twisted pattern using  multiple strands of too slow. In addition, I was always misplacing the pattern (a hazard of being a new parent), therefore I improvised throughout. I am super pleased with the final product.

With the leftover yarn, I was able to make my daughter a matching scarf and hat. No yarn was left behind.

Hat, Scarf and Cowl


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  1. Susie Irzyk says:

    Very beautiful Tina!

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