Stand tall, keep your head high and smile. You are a teacher.

Over a year ago, I started teaching beginning knitting at local library. I had way too much stash (still do) and thought it would be a good way for me to clear out the craft room. I was confident in my knitting skills, but a little unsure about my ability the teach. I approached the library about having a class.  Knitting isn’t for everyone. Patience and dexterity is necessary.  It was critical to the class success to remove all possible barriers and commitments for folks, so registration wasn’t required, and yarn and needles would be provided.  Students can join the class at any time or day. I’ve been knitting for over 10 years, so knitting supplies was not an issue.

I wasn’t prepared to enjoy teaching so much.  Every class is different, and I learn something from students every class.  The unexpected keeps me on my toes. I love adjusting at a moments notice.  The best part is when a student discovers their own talent!

Teaching has given me confidence in designing and writing patterns.  The class consist of five small projects – garter stitch fingerless mittens, change purse, and seed stitch, ribbed, and cable cup cozies.

Writing these simple patterns helped me appreciate the effort it takes to write, test and proof a pattern. I can only imagine the time it takes for more complex patterns like a sweater or a lace.

Students have come and gone, many stitches have been dropped and fixed, and many more have been ignored.  Great friendships have formed, and many laughs have been had.  I’m looking forward to more teaching in 2017.  I am humbled that I am able to pass on the gift of knitting.


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I love all things knit and crochet.
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  1. I’m so impressed with your generosity in teaching so many folks! You’ve brought so many people into our knitting/crochet community on the South Side!

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