Cutting portraits in the 21st century

1421330105226 In the 18th century, the art of cutting portraits was an affordable,  easy alternative to hiring an artist to do a painting. These profile portraits were originally outlined and cut on black paper, glued to a contrasting color and framed. Later, the outlined was made on a contrasting paper and filled-in with black paint.


Fast forward to Mother’s Day 2015.  My daughter had just turned one. Using Adobe Photoshop, my husband, Dan, combined several digital photos of my daughter to accurately capture her profile (its difficult to get an exact profile of a toddler). He printed then traced her silhouette to black paper by using a window as a light table.  Her image was cut out with an exacto-blade, glued to off-white card stock and framed.

cutting portraits

For my birthday in 2017, Dan traced my daughter’s photo in Adobe Illustrator, and laser cut her portrait in plastic to make earrings.

Cutting Potraits

Dan is fascinated with shadow and is currently exploring more of this art form.  He is even taught our daughter shadow puppets.

shadow puppets


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One Response to Cutting portraits in the 21st century

  1. I love that he used such a high-tech method to make an old-fashioned craft!


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