Welcome to my pineapple

The Staypineapple Hotel chain recently purchased the Burnham hotel in Chicago. Gina Rose Gallina, crochet artist extraordinaire, was commissioned to crochet a giant pineapple for the hotel’s grand opening.

Crochet Classes With Gina Rose Gallina at The Alise

From March 5th – 9th, crafters and crafter wanna-bees could take a crochet class with Gina.   The pineapple is a welcoming symbol of good cheer, warmth and affection.  Gina’s homey classroom did not disappoint. The small room was very comfy, and featured many of Gina’s signature items.


Gina has a knack for covering anything and everything with yarn. Considering you have more freedom with crochet, this makes total sense.  Since crochet use only one hook with one loop of yarn, you can pivot easily and make stitches just about anywhere. There can be less planning, and more flexibility with your fabric creations.  Knitting, on the other hand, is perfectly aligned loops sitting on two needles. These obedient stitches makes knitting more confined.

I have a new appreciation for crochet after taking Gina’s class.  I now want to crochet over many of the items in my house, and cover every chair and sofa with a crochet blanket.


About knitTina

I love all things knit and crochet.
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