Knitting Studio at the Quilt Show

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the International Quilt Show in Chicago.  The show includes several open studios dedicated to artists, teachers and exhibitors to give demos to inspire others.  There were studios for Quilting, Knit & Crochet, Painting & Embellishments and Sewing.  A friend connected me with the organizer of the show so I proposed two demos for the Knit & Crochet studio.

The first demo was Fun with Loom Knitting! I recently received the addi Express Knitting Machine for my birthday.  The Express is a hand-cranked knitting machine with 46 “needles” and can knit in-the-round or flat.  With this machine, you can knit a hat in about 15 minutes.  Prefect for charity knits or stash busting.

00_2017 Quilt Sho

Cranking can get tedious and boring, so my husband rigged the crank with a drill to speed up the process.  Hooking up a suction cup and the drill to the crank made the demo an instant hit!

The second demo was Knitted Knockers – knitted or crocheted breast prostheses. I spoke about the benefits of Knitted Knockers, and taught one quilter/knitter how to knit the Knocker with two circular needles instead of using double pointed needles.  It was well worth the time for this demo for as I was able to give a set of Knockers to a woman whose sister recently undergone a mastectomy.


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  1. That drill-crank is so cool! You should do a demo for the Knitting Guild sometime.

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