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Laser cut needle gauge
Laser cutters have come along way since its induction in manufacturing in the mid-1960’s. Today’s CNC machines are smaller, lighter and more affordable.  Moreover, they can read just about any vector base file.

To commemorate World Wide Knit in Public (WWKIP) day, I designed at simple knitting needle gauge using Adobe Illustrator.

A needle gauge can be made of metal, plastic or wood, and is used to determine the size of a knitting needle.  Most knitting needles have the size imprinted on them, but over time and use, it often wears off.  Needle gauge are an integral part of a knitter’s arsenal.

Needle gauges

The biggest challenge was creating accurate size holes for which the needles need to passed through to determine their size.  Thankfully (and not surprisingly) I own just about every needle size available so testing the final product was easy.

Needle gauges

My husband was in charge of “printing” my design. After a few trial and errors in various materials, the final product was completed in birch plywood and polished with linseed oil. The WWKIP attendees loved them! This small project has inspired me to explore and design other knitting tools.


About knitTina

I love all things knit and crochet.
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