Spin of Door County


On a recent trip to Door County I visited Spin yarn store, Sturgeon Bay, WI.  The store owner bought and refurbished the building. The building’s first 50 years housed the Bank of Sturgeon Bay.  Its next 50 years it was an insurance company.  Since the early 2000’s, it been a yarn shop.

The store was easily 3,000 plus square feet and carried many great brands like Rowan, Berroco, Noro and Sirdar. In the second room of the store was a large table with a wall of yarn and a wall of books.  The third room was a classroom that included a larger table, and a small area with a couch and comfy chairs.

The ceilings at least 12 feet high with original tiles. Other details included the decorative window panes and lite above the door. The building still has the alarm box attached to the exterior.

The bank vault was intact and was safe keeping the lace yarn.

Spin is a very charming yarn store. I love the attention to detail and uniqueness. Moreover, I was lucking enough to visit the weekend of their yarn sale!


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One Response to Spin of Door County

  1. Susan Irzyk says:

    Wow, wish we had one in Wauwatosa! Just beautiful.


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