Lily Chin

Lily Chin demonstrating how steaming can add drape to stiff yarn

The Crochet Guild of America’s Chain Link conference was held in Chicago this year, well, in the northwest suburb of Itasca.  It was a special treat to experience a conference dedicated to just crochet.

I was thrilled to learn that Lily Chin was teaching What to Look For In a Yarn and (crochet) Tips & Tricks. I first met Lily in 2007 when I attended a knitting retreat at an Indianapolis yarn store.  Lily has found a solution for many knit and crochet’s little annoyances, from how to rid the gaps at the end of the row to avoiding casting on 250 chains. She has an enthusiastic teaching style, and most of all, a fabulous sense of humor.

Below are my favorite “Lily-isms.”  What is the funniest thing a teacher has taught you?


Yarn StashKnitting Mistakes
Red Heart Yarn


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  1. She is so funny! Thanks for brightening up my day! P.s. I checked out her Tips and Tricks book from the library and fell asleep reading Lilyisms last night!

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